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Hatta, which was once known as Hajarain, is now a popular tourist destination in the UAE. It is approximately two hours away from Dubai, nearing the border of Oman. Dubai’s locals love to visit during the summer to avoid the summer heat. Apart from locals, Foreigners also love to come to this place because of its heritage. Tourism and hatta dam are the main factors that have made Hatta thrive throughout the years. Foreigners and locals are attracted to Hatta due to its mountainous location, beautiful scenery, luxurious facilities, endless activities, sporting options, and good weather. Apart from this, many luxuries and services are provided in Hatta Tour. These things include Hatta dam, Hatta heritage Village, Hatta kayak tour, Hatta’s city tour, Hatta’s museum, Hatta mountains, Hatta Mountain tour, and Hatta mountain safari.



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Hatta Mountain Tour - Overview

Visitors can have a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to living in Hatta. The options can vary from lodge resorts, hotels, trailers, fully equipped caravans, farmhouses, and much more. Some have four-star ratings with spacious rooms, temperature-controlled pools, spas, golf courses, air gun archeries, foosball, air hockey, zip line, mazes, pool tables, and much more. Visitors can also visit the Hatta sign. The Hatta’s sign is a great symbol of Hatta, which stands like the Hollywood sign in the Hatta Fort Park. Instead of hotels, visitors can also live in fully furnished caravans in the Hatta Wadi Hub. Caravans offer a furnished home with every basic item needed. The multiple options available for the public are mind-blowing, and it shows how the facilities available have made the life of the visitors so comfortable. This factor alone has made the popularity of the Hatta region grow immensely. Hatta Dam is one of the main attractions in Hatta. It gives the visitors a chance to experience the calmness of Hatta and explore different sports activities in Hatta as well. Hatta dam offers blue and calm waters surrounded by mountains where visitors can do kayaking, boating, travel on water bikes, or travel on a tour boat. Visitors can also trek on mountains or bring their dirt bikes to ride on the mountainous pathway. Hatta offers many tours including Hatta’s kayak tour, Hatta’s city tour, and Hatta’s mountain tour. Multiple companies offer different packages for each tour, and the visitors can choose anyone from them if they like. A tour guide would help the foreigners or the locals who are visiting for the first time and provide a full guide throughout Hatta. Hatta’s Kayaking tour is possible due to the lake formed by the Hatta dam reservoir. There are multiple tours and packages available for the visitors to choose from. Multiple boats and kayaks are available such as pedalo boats that can carry up to three people, donut boats that can carry up to six people, and lastly, double and single kayaks are also available. Another tour that the visitors can enjoy is that of the Hatta’s horses. Visitors can roam around the mountains on beautiful Arabian horses experiencing the amazing scenery and serene nature. Usually, visitors go early in the morning to see nature. When people visit Hatta, Hatta Wadi Hub becomes their go-to place for fun-seeking adventures. The wadi is within the mountains and offers archery, trampolining, trekking, human slingshot, ax throwing, archery, free-fall jumps, and multiple activities. Hatta also offers bike trails of 50 kilometers that are open all the time. Visitors can bring their bikes or rent or buy one. For the biker’s safety, a navigation app is provided that helps them from getting lost and losing their way. Visitors can also book horse rides for the mountainous pathway. Hatta’s mountain safari is another way that visitors can entertain themselves and have the time of their life. Hatta’s mountain safari or Hatta’s safari is an amazing way to roam around Hatta and see its desert areas and observe the desert life. This tour is a desert safari where visitors can travel in SUVs or four-wheel-drive jeeps. The tour is made extremely comfortable for the visitors with trained drivers. The visitors are taken towards the dunes, Hatta’s oasis, Hatta’s village filled with palm trees, and through the mountains. These tours make the visitors see both aspects of the Hatta region including the old historical desert area and the bright lighted city area. Tours like these give the tourists a chance to visit the local market, see the local produce and buy souvenirs, pots, and carpets. When it comes to Hatta, one cannot stay away from talking about Hatta’s mountains. Hatta has beautiful mountain peaks, and hills which add to Hatta’s beautiful scenery and contribute to the wonderful climate of the Hatta region. Tourists cannot only see the mountains but also travel on them through jeeps, ride on bikes or do hiking. The region is perfect for hiking. Visitors can trek around the mountain foothills and see the exceptional terrain which contains sharp peaks and flat deserts. This mountainous region offers an amazing hiking experience for visitors. Hikers can be amateur or experienced as Hatta has trails laid out for both. Hiking gives the visitors to experience peace and tranquility. With time, Hatta’s hiking trails have been gaining more and more popularity. The trails have five different routes that accommodate experienced and inexperienced hikers and they span for more than thirty kilometers. Tourists who want to see the history of Emirates can visit Hatta Heritage Village. It is one of the oldest places in the area dating back to almost the third century. The village contains stone houses which have been restructured. The village also contains an old military fort and a majlis. There is also a Hatta museum that preserves old memories and relics of the past. The museum contains weapons and tools used by the civilization back then. The ancient irrigation system known as the falaj system has also been preserved for the people to see. Hatta’s heritage shows the true essence of the region and shows how people lived back then. It is a large contrast to how people live and prosper now. People back then could not even have imagined how their region would transform. Now the Hatta region has lively markets, one of the world’s largest slanted street art, some of the most luxurious hotels, and visitors who want to visit again and again. With or without a tour, Hatta is an exceptional place that offers many facilities. Visitors can check out the carpet and pottery markets, multiple new restaurants and cafes, mountain safaris, rocky areas, Hajar mountains, honey bee farms, sunrise farmhouse, Hatta’s heritage village, Hatta’s park, beautiful scenery, and a wonderful climate.
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Places to visit in Hatta Dubai

There are many adventurous and great things to do in Hatta tour. The list is very long, but here we are trying to explain some of the best things which all tourists love to do and enjoy during their trip in Hatta Dubai. These are:

Either you’ll spend some time on Dam watching the kayakers on the lake otherwise you are often drawn down and luxuriate in the kayaking. When you are enjoying the kayaking ride than you need to know about few things that you can’t stop anywhere you can’t because if you do they tell you often there are all fences not allowing you to travel on the opposite side so you can’t cross the barriers.


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The Hatta Lake is situated in the Hajar Mountains of Hatta.

If you have UAE visa on your Passport, it is enough to visit Hatta.

Its around 1 hours and 30 minutes drive from Dubai to Hatta.
Hatta Heritage Village opens at 07:30 AM and closes at 08:30 PM.

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