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Hatta Tour incorporates unwinding the mystery excellence of the Hajar Mountains and investigating the natural charms of old Hatta towns. Here, explorers will be a pinnacle of local people’s customs and lifestyle. You will be blessed to receive a bit of history once you visited the Hatta Fort, which was worked in the sixteenth century.

You will likewise be blessed to receive a day of nature stumbling as you will get a look at the superb stone developments that have been fixed and cut by time and lavish magnificence of the green scene that differentiate the intriguing dry riverbed. On the off chance that you need to revive, you can take a plunge at one of the mountains acclaimed springs and cool of in claim of the aqueducts. With our Hatta Mountain Tour visit, you got all that you need out traveling.



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If someone wants the delightful concoction of high mountains, deserts and sightseeing then Hatta Tour Dubai is the best place. An alluring trip for kids, this is the place for young ones and nature lovers where they will experience the fantastic flavor of nature. A visit that provides you complete mind freshness and diversion of soul. A thrilling tour that makes you endow to have the beautiful blend of mountain and desert. A vast range of facilities are provided for the tourists in this exciting and fantastic place.

This expedition allows you to have the beautiful and charming synopsis of old fashioned houses and richly constructed mosques of the nearby villages. It also provides you the awful panorama of different rocks of Jebel Maleiha and Camel Rock. During the journey, the river beds and slippery deserts convoluted you and force you to think deeply about its beauty.


This magnificent ancient monarchy Hatta is situated in the traverse rocky path of Al Hajar Mountain. Here you will think apart from the buzzing busy life and feel relax. The quaggy reddish sand dunes will give you the pleasure of mind. To make this reconnaissance more mind-blowing you must need to have a mind refreshing swim in one of the natural ponds of Hajar’s site. The swimming in cool and freshwater force to stay long as you have passed through a much hot but beautiful desert.

This does not stop here. There are many more comical things to see. Your journey will become more exciting and breathe taking by the tarriance to Jebel Maleiha which is a fully rocky region that gives you an outline of deserts and ocean a million years ago.


For the stopover, your priority will be the Hatta Heritage Village. During the photoshoot of this historic place, you will see the watchtowers, village’s houses and mosques which are beautifully fabricated. They will completely show the lifestyle of the 16th century which is highly impressive. After the view of this beautiful place, you will see the extravagant Hatta Fort which is splendid and matchless. This place will give the taste of Hatta village a few years ago.

This is a source of learning the lifestyles of backward Arabs people. Once you entered in that classical and commemorated place you will feel that you also have entered the community of backward people and enjoy the moments you spend over there.

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Places to visit in Hatta Tour Dubai

There are many adventurous and great things to do in Hatta tour. The list is very long
but here we are trying to explain some of the best things which all tourists love to do
and enjoy during their trip in Hatta Tour Dubai. These are:

Either you’ll spend some time on Dam watching the kayakers on the lake otherwise you are often drawn down and luxuriate in the kayaking. When you are enjoying the kayaking ride than you need to know about few things that you can’t stop anywhere you can’t because if you do they tell you often there are all fences not allowing you to travel on the opposite side so you can’t cross the barriers.


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The Hatta Lake is situated in the Hajar Mountains of Hatta.

If you have UAE visa on your Passport, it is enough to visit Hatta.

Its around 1 hours and 30 minutes drive from Dubai to Hatta.
Hatta Heritage Village opens at 07:30 AM and closes at 08:30 PM.

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